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Your telomeres are shortening and now you can do something about it!

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Premer page 1_edited.jpg

Enzyme Telomerase

There are ways to lengthen the telomeres with an enzyme telomerase, discovered by Dr Bill Andrews and his team, a Nobel peace prize winning scientist.   This enzyme helps protect our telomeres from shortening. 

How does it work?

Combat the aging process with Premere.  Increase or enhance your telomeric supply or activity we can prevent the telomeres from shortening.  Dr Bill Andrews research has shown that this is possible.  Certain nutrients and ingredients in our food that can enhance telomerase activity.

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The end caps to our chromosomes, and every time a cell replicates or duplicates itself, telomeres shorten ever so slightly.  Over time the shorten and that is linked to several diseases of aging.  So it is believed that the science of telomeres could be the connection between aging process and how to combat the aging process.

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