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Meet Dori
Then & Now

Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Expert


My choices in life were very clear, even after "the accident" in 2014, I decided that I would never go back. There were days when the choice to pursue a healthier lifestyle were challenging for me.  All I have to do is glance back and know that I made the right choices in my life for my future.

I began coaching, specifically nutritionist and wellness coaching, because I have watched too many people I care about in my life struggle with misinformation or frankly not knowing the importance of a healthy food regimen and how invigorating food can be! I myself, learned through my own battles, after a brain trauma in 2014, how nutritious food and healthy activities played a crucial role in my healing; I was not leading the life that I felt I was chosen for.

Winter 2009
Summer 2021

Change Your Life 

Yes, that's me on the couch in 2009.

I was over weight, depressed, and abusing my body.  Little or no comprehension of what a "healthy" lifestyle was supposed to look like.

This is me, in 2016 on the highest mountain top in Jackson Hole Wyoming in August.  Struggling with recovery after the accident.  Making conscious decisions to NOT go backwards but move forward with help.

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